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LBC’s 2021 NHL Playoff Predictions Contest: Second Round

Bruins and Islanders kick off the Division Finals tonight

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Alright Florida Panthers fans, the time has come to make your selections for round two of the Litter Box Cats annual playoff predictions contest.

The contest is done round-by-round and there is an overall winner at the end of the playoffs, so make sure to stay in the game if you want to have a chance at ending up top Cat come July.

Like the first round, the format for the division finals is a confidence pool set-up. This time the points will range from 8 to 5.

Unfortunately, due to the Toronto Maple Leafs not finishing off the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday, you’ll have to enter two sets of picks, One to account for a Maple Leafs series win and one to account for a Hans win.

I am going to keep the bonus point in place for picking the series-winner in the correct amount of games to add a little more variance to the scoring.

Central Division

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Carolina Hurricanes

East Division

Boston Bruins vs. New York Islanders

West Division

Colorado Avalanche vs. Vegas Golden Knights

North Division

Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadiens vs Winnipeg Jets

Please enter your picks in the comment section mirroring the example below. The total goals tiebreaker will be for Carolina-Tampa Bay series. We’ll keep it in the Central Division for now. Remember, there is a round-by-round winner and an overall winner at the end, so even if you don’t enter or didn’t too hot in the first round, get or stay in the game. Good luck!

Example Picks (these are not my picks)

If Toronto wins:

8-point: Boston (7)

7-point: Tampa Bay (5) total goals 33

6-point: Toronto (6)

5:point: Colorado (7)

if Montreal wins

8-point: Winnipeg (6)

7-point: Boston (7)

6-point: Tampa Bay (5) total goals 33

5:point: Colorado (7)

Please get you picks in by the 8 p.m. start time of tonight’s Bruins-Islanders game. Good luck!