Blatantly selfish Quick-Poll: select your favorite LBC logo

The full SB Nation update - with dozens of new features to complement a yet-to-be-previewed interface - won't be going live for a few more weeks at least, but each of our sister sites released their own tweaked logos Friday (all of them are worth a look and can be found here). Some feature major changes, while others are for the most part familiar to regular readers, much like our own. And based upon some of the reactions I've seen around the network, not every community is pleased with the visual evolution of "their site" (and do keep in mind, the actual presentation and look of the pages themselves have yet to be seen; it is phenomenal). More after the jump...

I'm personally very excited about our forthcoming new direction, and figured the new logo was worth milking for another few hours. That said, find below our own "evolution" (unfortunately the old Blogspot logo from early '08 is MIA), and please share your thoughts on each:

(A) 2008-11 (palm fronds arrived in '10)

(B) 2011-12

(C) 2012

So which is "best"?

None; they all blow5