A heads-up to the LBC Community...


Been playing around with the site a bit today, and wanted to remind those who may be unaware that the FANPOST and FANSHOT features (labeled as such on the righthand panel) are yours to utilize.

Feel free to post up anything and everything of interest to you, whether it applies to the Panthers in particular or the world of hockey in general. This is your opportunity to contribute to our community, beyond the standard reply in a comment thread. Everyone does that, but we've taken it a step further...

  • Find something interesting and wish to pass it along to the rest of the world? Post it up in a FanShot: quotes, pictures, videos, audio streams, links...it's all at your beck and call.
  • Feel the need to scream about the Cats' last power play, or want to publish your thoughts on Florida's neutral-zone effectiveness? It's a clean sheet of paper with a FanPost: Be The Blog, and get your name out there.

Don't just read it: write it. Lots of folks have worked long and hard to bring these features to reality, so please make use of them. We all want your voice heard. Any questions or suggestions? My mailbox is always open to ya. Between myself and DolPhanDave, we'll keep you covered.

Thanks for stopping in, and enjoy the upgrades this week. Go Cats.