A Panther fan claws his way through Ebay

The world's largest flea market, otherwise referred to as Ebay, has long been a repository for junk merchandise - new and used - which has fallen out of favor with its current owner.

A stroll through the Sports Memorabilia section is forever an exercise which ends up requiring more than a few minutes to complete, since a jewel can almost always be found among the chaff.

A simple search using the term "Florida Panthers" inevitably rounds up the usual keychains, pogs, and autographed Andrei Lomakin cards, but I was curious what else may lie in the weeds.

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Right off the bat, we stumble upon the above: a Panthers Inaugural Season yearbook. Kinda neat. And rather inexpensive as well considering it's $6.95 "buy it now" price. Alas, no bids, so back to the bottom drawer of the bureau for this guy.


Now that is worth a bid. A 2007-08 team-signed practice sweater, with the proceeds going to a very good cause. Who wouldn't want to bed down with Brett McLean's signature on your right breast? Get in there quickly, since there's no way this lasts at the current $70 asking price (and the clock is ticking on it).


I never would have thought about the Panthers and golf in the same breath. Oh yeah...right.


Logo-festooned floor mats/carpets have been around for a long time, but I've nonethelss never understood the concept: someone is wiping dirty feet on your team's crest and colors. Given the respect most clubs pay to the standard on the dressing room floor, why would any fan not follow suit? (It should be noted the Carolina Hurricanes door mat looks simply stunning at the entrance of my outhouse.)


In Ebay-speak, the word "vintage" evokes thoughts like "classic", "timeless", "collectible". In reality, it typically signifies "worthless". In that vein we present this soon soon-to-be "vintage" Jay Bouwmeester tee. Check back after July 1st for a truly heroic price reduction.


This tired early-90s concept gets a makeover and finally welcomes hockey fans into the mix, and not a moment too soon. The "Panthers Pee on any Team" t-shirt will sure look swell while driving your brood to the BAC in the duelie with steer testicles hanging from its hitch. Do your part to contribute to society's downfall and bid now.


Maybe it's me, but this looks an awful lot like the wordmark one might find on a bottle of bleach or box of prophylactics. Old Time Hockey, indeed.

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