After the final horn: What the Panthers had to say

The past 24 hours have been a little odd for this Panthers fan because I got to experience it in a new way. Sure, I'm very used to dealing with my team finishing out of the playoffs and watching the jersey ceremony and all that. But this year was different for me because I was right in the center of things. After last nights game I was in the locker room hearing the players feelings after the final game and watching some very confusing confetti fall from the ceiling.

Then, today I was at Incredible Ice watching the players say their goodbyes to each other, the coaches and training staff. Finally, a group of about 5 or 6 of us sat in a room and heard the final comments from Peter DeBoer and Randy Sexton on the season that was, and the off-season ahead.

Follow the jump for some audio clips from those two events, including two short interviews that I did with Michael Frolik and Jason Garrison after last night's game. One of Sexton's comments was particularly interesting...

After the final game:

Nathan Horton postgame- Team wasn't consistent enough to make the Playoffs

Stephen Weiss postgame-Confetti usually means winning the cup

Stephen Weiss postgame-Team needs to get better top to bottom

Peter DeBoer postgame-Team couldn't create identity

Postgame- David interviews Michael Frolik

Postgame- David interviews Jason Garrison

At Incredible Ice:

Peter DeBoer- Surprised by players honesty

Peter DeBoer- One thing he would have changed

Randy Sexton- Most players were sincere in meetings

Randy Sexton- Team chemestry was an issue

Randy Sexton- What needs to be addressed