Along With Rest Of NHL Fans, South Florida Awaits Panthers Schedule

Season-opener appears set for next Saturday, but what is to come beyond that? UPDATE: It's out!

With just a click over a week before the latest lockout-shortened NHL season is rumored to begin (January 19), we still have yet to learn any concrete details as to the whens and wheres for the Panthers in the top half of 2013.

While it's generally considered a lock that, at least as of this hour, Florida will host the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday evening following the long-awaited unveiling of the Panthers' 2011-12 Southeast Division Champion banner, what is to come in the days and weeks beyond remains unclear.

Via Twitter early Saturday, On Frozen Pond's George Richards offered up a hint of what is to come: the aforementioned home opener, a "rumored short trip to Canada" featuring back-to-backs on January 21/22, vs. the Senators January 24, and vs. the Flyers on the 26th. Whether the Ottawa and Philadelphia games are to take place in Sunrise are unknown, but sound likely.

However the schedule ultimately pans out - and with "official" training camps getting underway across the continent Sunday morning - expect a blowout PR blitz from the league and teams at some point tomorrow.

So not really anything Earth-shattering, but I for one am not going to bitch about the delay.

Regarding the Panthers' abbreviated training camp: runs Sunday through Friday (see update #2 below), generally beginning around 10 a.m., from Incredible Ice Saveology Iceplex in Coral Springs. Admission is free, and I'd strongly urge you newbies to bring a jacket. Something about ice being cold.

UPDATE: schedule was released just moments ago; here you are!

UPDATE 2: there will be no open practice on Sunday, January 13. Camp begins Monday.

Making it out to camp this week?