Andy (and friend) at Indy

Previously reported at GR's On Frozen Pond, Panthers former/present/future(?) goaltender Craig Anderson and dad Richard (an ex-racecar driver himself) were present for the weekend festivities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for buildup to the Indy 500 this past Sunday.
In fact, it appears they were officially invited. And they weren't alone. From Sunday's "Daily Trackside Report":
Among the guests attending the race today are Florida Panthers goalie Craig Anderson and his father, and recording artist Richard Marx.

Read it again. The last part.

...and recording artist Richard Marx.

"Richard Marx"? Oh yeah...this guy:


Hope Andy had a wonderful time with his new friend.

I've really gotta be more careful when opening these phantom links...sometimes the results are less than desireable. Was Peter Gabriel unavailable?

Guess I should've known better.