As if you didn't know: Panthers / NHL Entry Draft is upon us

We're transitioning into Draft Day with minimal fanfare, hoping of course that whatever picks/moves/deals the Panthers make in a few short hours will fly under the proverbial radar and blossom down the road into - positive - draft history. Nothing's a guarantee, but at least two of the gentlemen selected today will be longtimers for the Cats well into the century's second decade.

Our schedule: we'll be scouring the interwebs for all (well, the free) draft info from Twitter, Facebook, SBN insiders, and Twitter. Why Twitter twice? As Dom Deluise's seminal Don Don might say: "Well, I like it."

Will the Cats trade up? Trade down? Fowler or Gudbranson? Will Connolly shock us all? What of that 15th overall pick?

Feel free to post whatcha got right here as the morning unfolds; we'll have another "official" open forum going up later on, to be followed by our Entry Draft Open Thread of Doom to cover the evening's festivities. It's your day, kids: talk up whatever you like.

And a reminder: We'll be heading to the Fort Lauderdale end of the Panthers' official Draft Party, at Duffy's Sports Grill on Cordova, for the actual event. Join us.