As Panthers fans await new Third Jersey, speculation begins

If your eyes are open, one can a learn a lot on the HF Boards. Regular readers of the top hockey-related bulletin-board know a single quick visit can bring a laugh, a belch, or a more likely both due to the irreverence of the humor and a boatload of horrible trade proposals.

Once in a while, something you run across can be stirring, and it's this forum which excels at being a sounding board for items like the following:


Not the real deal, but it's a quality photoshop providing insight into what may be hanging at the team store come October.

Based upon shared information from our friends at the Miami Herald, this creation (an excellent image from HF'er Pavel13...if not please correct me!) fairly closely fits the description in the Herald, minus "dark blue at the bottom".


Yes, given it's basis it remains far too similar to Minnesota's popular logo-surrounded-by-wordmark for actual use by another club, but the color combination and basic layout is not bad. Not bad at all. Taken to more of an extreme we might have something unique and classic. And get that blue on the bottom.

Any other designs floating around? With no playoffs, we'll post up just about anything here, short of Rod Brind'Amour shoving the Stanley Cup over his head. Again.