Big upgrades at The Box - and SBNation - now active!

Pretty sweet photo of Zeds, eh? In all honesty, it may not look like all that much, but it's recent, which is a luxury we at The Box - indeed, all of SBN - have been lacking until today. Which is huge. No, I don't get out much. By choice, man...yeah, by choice. How about Live Blog/Game Threads with in-game pictures? It's all there.

Fresh photos are just one of the many new touches you'll find around The Nation. Really wanna get blown away? Check out the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, the line featuring "Home, FanPosts, FanShots, Archives", etc. Hit the "Panthers" button, and begin exploring. They're all updated, with more useful tools and items than ever before. We're all having a blast with it.

Lots more to follow in the coming weeks, so keep playing with the different areas of our humble community. A hella bunch of work has - and is - going into the entire network, and we're certain you'll find much more than a simple place to spout off about your Panthers.

Got any suggestions for the future? Let me takes all of us. Thanks so much for stopping in, peeking around, and commenting here and there. And don't forget: FanShots and FanPosts are for YOU. Be The Blog.

Go Cats.