Bouwmeester free agency scramble: MSMs going beyond just another UFA

From Jeff Gordon of STLToday:

With the Panthers in ownership/management flux, Jay Bouwmeester is glad he decided to test free agency. Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver are all interested – so much so that teams are trying to acquire negotiating rights to him.

Bouwmeester is "glad" he chose free agency over negotiations with the Panthers. Because of ownership issues. That's his only reason for high-tailing it out of town, right? Somehow he's been swayed by the newbies? Was this a quote, or simply an expectation? Coming from a newspaper in a city which lost Chris Pronger to free agency a number of years ago, it's hard to distinguish.

Ownership was never brought into the equation - at least publicly - until now. The team is not going to relocate, the city of Sunrise is firmly behind the hockey organization.

I'm only focusing on the "glad he decided to test free agency" bit. The potential ownership change has every bearing on this move by the in-demand defenseman. Is that correct? Like he was going to stay before all of this went down?

Note to the MSM'ers: Don't trump it up by lumping Jay's situation as being affected by a transistion in ownership. He was out of here no matter what.

"Sexing it up" by implying the uncertainties of a change in the Florida owner's box is transparent in an attempt to lure viewers to a certain site. The team will be sold. So what? Jay made up his mind twelve months ago.

If he feels no future connection to his current teammates, no positive vibe from the unofficial rookie-coach-of-the-year, or an escape from having the ability to venture out anonymously in public, so be it. He's no question earned it. The collective bargaining agreement says so. He's done his time.

There is no animosity toward Jay, nor his ambitions, on this site.

We at The Box are simply repeating - and providing links to - fascinating areas of the internet which Panthers fans may find an interest in.

When someone in the mainstream media reports Jay is "glad" he chose to leave Sunrise, it's an area of interest. We're painfully aware of it, but interested nonetheless. "Glad" is an emotional response to a situation. If he is indeed happy to leave - and saying so - Panthers fans are entitled to hear it.

Chalking his enthusiasm for leaving up to a spur-of-the-moment decision based upon the potential sale of the team is irresponsible at best, and a blatant website hit-grab as "UFA Day" approaches.