Florida Panthers make NHL players better, per Bruins GM

The Bruins could have signed (UFA Dennis) Seidenberg last summer and avoided having to give up any assets for him. Instead, they opted to sign Derek Morris for $3.3 million, while Seidenberg eventually settled for a one-year deal worth $2.5 million with Florida.

Hindsight would indicate the Bruins chose the wrong guy to pursue in the offseason, but (Bruins GM Peter) Chiarelli believes Seidenberg is a different player now after his time with the Panthers.

- Douglas Flynn's Black And Gold Blog

Memo to Pete C:  WHAT???

Lemme get this straight: Seidenberg's time in Florida - all 62 games - have miraculously transformed the previously unemployed-until-training-camp defenseman into a "different player"? Like Paul Coffey different?

Look, we loved Dennis Seidenberg in SoFla. Played his tail off. Has family here. Seemed happy. Wore number 4. It was an amazing love affair. I personally fervently hope he is approached to re-sign with the Panthers.

It all sounds ridiculous, but true. The guy has free lunches coming his way from Juno Beach to Marathon Key. We want him back. Why?

Because he's a man of exceptionally high character. Regardless of the squad he plays for, every game is his last game.

But... Chiarelli claiming Seids' talent/effort/heart was lacking in his eyes as a scout of high talent only eight months ago is a ridiculous insinuation, insulting to the man and the organization who gave him a spot, and a lame attempt to save face while having to surrender a second-round pick and roster player in order to restore credibility. At the very next trade deadline.

Saying the change came about only because he played in Sunrise is completely off the proverbial wall. And it sounds precisely as such. If that is indeed the case, why aren't the B's clammoring to get bench boss Peter DeBoer into their system? A player changes his stripes that quickly perhaps demands one a look toward his coach...

There's a reason Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford completely jonesed over cheaping out on the guy (at least through the first 3/5s of the year).

It's wonderful the Panthers continue to collect accolades re: former players (Ray Whitney, Roberto Luongo, Olli Jokinen, Niklas Hagman, etc), but it is truly bizarre that the organization is now credited with improving them.

Sounds like a CYA moment.

To Mr. Bitz: the #12 will fit just fine. And not to worry; your former employer may want you back in a few months. Minus another 2nd-rounder. But we're happy to have ya.