Saturday Caterwaul: Florida Panthers GameDay Open Forum

While Cats shuffle off to Newark, NHL's Shanahan finds a free moment to offer up an explanation regarding the Nash/Kopy incident...

After an entire day of exceptional league-wide criticism of the silence emanating from the Department of Player Safety, heeeeeeeeeere's Brendan!

Make of it what you will. "NashGate" will probably be put to bed for now, but it won't be forgotten.

Anyhoo, the Panthers take on New Jersey this evening in hopes of landing a third-straight victory (at least the players, coaches and a half-dozen fans see it that way; management likely has a separate agenda).

In Lou We Trust offers up excellent coverage of the Devils, so do check out John and the clan up north. The LBC Live Game Thread lifts its feet off the ice around 6:30ish. Have a terrific Saturday :)