Cats Quickies: In holiday mood, Panthers generously hand divisional victory to Carolina

We'll keep this short: Wednesday's game was everything a sports fan - especially an on-the-fencer in South Florida - should not have to endure. A blown lead, complete momentum shift...if it could fall apart, it did at the BAC.

Preserving an early three-goal lead meant absolutely nothing to the Panthers as lethargy set in hard while Carolina decided to go pro and punch through the paper bag Florida had quickly constructed around their opposition.

The Hurricanes decided well in advance of the second period that they were facing off against a fragile bunch, and made the most of what remained on the clock. Which was, of course, more than they needed to seal a (rather expected) 4-3 road win.

A four-goal comback victory - within the division no less - should be enough to have a contract extension hand-delivered to CAR coach Paul Maurice. His troops played as if there was no tomorrow: a three-goal deficit? We'll bang home four. Move along. That's what winners do. Want proof? Check out the good sports at Canes Country.

Leaving it at that before I say something inappropriate. Anything more to add?