Panthers gain road win in Atlanta; playoffs will wait for another year

Did anyone - anywhere - peg the Panthers as having their post-season hopes dashed on the eve of game number 82? I sure didn't, and most of the media did not as well.

My season review will be up in a few days, and if anyone else would like to chime in, I'll post you up as well. This is a consortium of friends, after all, and opinions of any type are welcomed. We're all citizens, and this website doesn't exist without your input.

Quickly, I wish to thank everyone who has joined this online community. Even I was leery of giving up the independence of the old Blogspot site to join SBNation. We are on the right track, I assure you. And if you don't take my word for it, DolPhanDave and CLG_74 will back me up. It's been a year of transition for not only the Panthers, but The Litter Box, and our host SBN as well. I can state to you with certainty: the future is awfully bright.

And I'll throw out the expected disclaimer: Just wait 'till next year.

Until then, The Box will continue in full force, covering anything and everything related to the Florida Panthers, so give us a peek each day. We don't know what's going to happen, but when it does, we'll be there.

As the playoffs get underway, keep up with SBN's coverage; the entire network has worked extraordinarily hard to provide a view to the postseason that no one else has. It's new to you, but new to us as well.

More to come tomorrow, of course, but huge thanks to all that showed up tonight - and a big shout out to tonight's newbie Chris. Hope you all head back here next September as training camp begins. Ad check in through the summer as well, cuz I promise July 1 - UFA Day - will be an event of seriously large proportions.

If you've never been through a "UFA Day", take the afternoon off of work and join us. It's wild. Forget's got the real drama.