CLS' Redrafting the far: Meet your newest Florida Panthers


In case you were unaware, the awesome Cycle Like the Sedins has been running a "Redraft the NHL" feature for the past couple of weeks. In essence, thirty hockey bloggers (plus or minus a few) have made it their mission to unlearn what has been learned and re-shape the league (with a salary cap).

Basically, it's an expansion draft, and every player in the league is available; their current cap hit is in effect as well.

We're into the seventh round as I type this, and thought a few of you may be interested to see the "progress" your Florida Panthers have made through the first six picks. As luck (and a number of other factors) would have it, your Cats drew the thirtieth spot, meaning last in the first round, first in the second, and so on...

Send all hate mail to me and me alone.

  • Round One, pick #30: David Booth, F, FLA
  • Round Two, pick # 1: Steve Mason, G, CBJ (assist to James from CLS on this one)
  • Round Three, pick #30: Phil Kessel, F, BOS (RFA; salary hit determined to be $5M)
  • Round Four, pick #1: Sheldon Souray, D, EDM
  • Round Five, pick #30: Marc-Andre Bergeron, D, MIN
  • Round Six, pick #1: Patrick Sharp, F, CHI

Round seven is underway, and the Panthers hold the thirtieth pick once more. Stay tuned.

Next pick: grab a current Cat, or the best available (which, the way the talent has trickled, just may be a Cat)?

Take a Panther (and young guys are in play)...4
Take the best out there...16