David Booth stakes his claim: Five-point night clobbers 2nd-seed Capitals 7-4

We're gonna keep this short and sweet, since as fans we are relishing the victory - and The Assassin's Big Night - but we'll keep it tempered a bit. Easter and all. Only hours away.

  • David Booth had five points. Against the second seed. 31 goals on the year. Jm, you know your job.
  • Steve Eminger scored his first goal as a Panther.
  • Nick Tarnasky (en) scored his first goal as a Panther.
  • Little-used Jay Bouwmeester is ducking questions by that hot chick on FSN-FL. Ya know. What do you expect? Ya know.
  • Two goals by Alex Semin. Yep: two.
  • Can anyone honestly say they don't like Bryan McCabe? A big goal (aren't they all) assists in paving the way... Love this dude./

More an exhibition game in definition than regular season - though the tempo certainly suggested far better -  Cats' forward David Booth had the finest evening of his career, scoring five points against the second-best organization in the Eastern conference, on the final game of the season.

I'm going to separate this individual game recap from the season recap, which is coming up next week. Please continue checking in; all of us here promise it'll be worth your time.

This may be the end of the Panthers' season, but so much more is on tap before September and training camp. Stick with us - and SBNation - through the playoffs.