Divisionally Speaking for Saturday


Southeast Standings

Washington 53 33 16 4 70
Florida 51 25 18 8 58
Carolina 53 26 22 5 57
Tampa Bay 52 17 24 11 45
Atlanta 53 18 30 5 41

(updated 2.7.2009 at 8:51 AM EST)

Too much weirdness from last night to cover all at once now, so we'll simply roll on to today's games and see what lies ahead. All but Atlanta are in action this evening. While the main even will take place at Verizon Center, there are a couple of matches to keep in mind.

  • Carolina @ Phoenix, 9p. The Hurricanes recently acquired The Other Jokinen to give them some speed and a bit more, um, finesse?. Sitting one point behind the Cats, Carolina attempts a group hug and perhaps a win against the 'Yotes to remain significant in the chase for that last playoff spot.
  • NY Islanders @ Tampa Bay, 7:30p. A battle of (almost) bottom-feeders face off in a game only a mother of a Bolt or Isle could love.

Elsewhere, a bit more drama concerning the bottom eight in the postseason race.

  • Buffalo @ Ottawa, 7p. Emotion rules the day when these two square off. The Sabres carry a three-point lead over Florida, so get out your "Let's Go Sens!" oversized foam hand. You do have one, of course?
  • Toronto @ Montreal, 7p. Shockingly, the Habs currently hold only a six-point advantage over the Panthers. The Leafs? Not so much.