Make Your Choice For Florida Panthers Representation In EA Sports NHL '14 Cover

It's Soup vs Steeger in first round of voting...

Opening the selection of the "face" of EA's NHL Series to the public was a smash last year with over 25 million votes cast, so following up with another similar campaign was a no-brainer. At this early stage you have likely already been exposed to Florida's duo of candidates - F Kris Versteeg and D Brian Campbell - but let's quickly recap the pros and cons of each, according to, well, themselves, in glorious video below, courtesy of the club.



The official NHL/EA ballot is here; and no, I haven't the foggiest of ideas as to why Florida's reps are at the very bottom of the righthand side. Whatever.

As much as Campbell brings on a regular basis to the Cats, he faces an uphill battle thanks in large part to Versteeg's previously unknown talents in the sales office. Whether he's actually been effective in his new capacity has yet to be disclosed, but we're guessing it won't hurt his chances for advancement into the second round of voting.

No one is realistically suggesting either of these guys will make the final cut, but hey, it's nice to be included even when knowing the ultimate "winner" most probably wears a sweater hailing from Toronto or Pittsburgh.

Get in there and fatten up those numbers!

So how'd you vote?

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