Florida not warming to Panthers branded license plates

Have residents been given a valid reason to? From the WSJ's Darren Everson:

"It's perhaps no surprise that the NHL's Panthers—a cold-weather team based just outside of Miami, a notoriously apathetic sports town—fared the worst. But the Tampa Bay Lightning—winners of the 2004 Stanley Cup—not only outdid the Tampa Bay Rays, one of the top two clubs in baseball, but also the Orlando Magic, a team that has twice reached the NBA Finals."

There's a bit more at the above link. We touched on this trivial subject quite some time ago, so the most recent sales figures are not in any way unexpected considering, well, reality. Broken-record time: like with everything else surrounding the Cats, sustained on-ice success will steadily send those numbers in a far more positive direction. Unless, of course, the sales department somehow worms advertising onto them; "John Doe's 1992 Buick Roadmaster Driven by L'eggs" or some other such monstrosity.

Vanity plates. We are so in August...

Have a Panthers vanity plate? (Extra credit for sharing any customization in the comments)