LBC's 2013 Florida Panthers / NHL Draft Lottery Open Thread

Will it be a first- or second-overall selection for Cats at Entry Draft in June?

Y'all know the drill at this point: NBC Sports Network and TSN will be carrying the Lottery live at 8 p.m. (teams involved and chances at drawing #1) (LBC's recent lottery poll results) (ISS Top 30 Rankings from April 15) (CS Latest Rankings).

Our primary obligation here, as it has been for five seasons, is to critique the broadcast's forced buildup of faux tension. And so we shall yet again.

As has been stated repeatedly, the Florida Panthers cannot finish the evening in any position worse than second; considering the talent involved among the top-ranked prospects, it's essentially a win-win situation for Tallon, Inc. which comes down to team needs, i.e. defense or front-line help.

Sidle on up, grab a seat, and our thanks to you for joining us :)