Florida Panthers at Boston Bruins - Open Thread


Emily's favorite color is gold, but her preferred blog is The Box.

Welcome to Total And Complete Phone It In Day, where W4E - for the first time yet on SBN - has missed an ENTIRE workday of blogging due to...work. I may complain about it from time to time but I always get something posted. Especially on game days. Not this time. Our good pals at Stanley Cup of Chowder are on the case with a very slick preview, so please take a moment to check them out.

Am I the only one who wants to type "Stanley Cup of Chowdah"? Seems natural...

Befitting of guy with an empty blog and no free time on his hands, there's been a bit of breaking news, not from PantherNation but SBNation: trade deadline day approaches and we've got it covered:


All your favorite SBN blogs - and even your not-so-favorite, like the clowns from those damnable Rangers and Lightning sites - along with His Majesty Mirtle will be bringing you every corner of the action until the NHL fax machine shuts down at 4 pm next Tuesday: rumors, deals, innuendo, mudslinging, and more rumors. Don't cost nothin'.

We're all extremely excited about it, so JUMP IN HERE (at least until I have a moment to get the button up and running!), link it, and get involved. They don't bite much. I'll begin posting to it tomorrow, since today was a complete wash. Gee, ya think there's much for us to discuss?

Not like we're biting what's left of our toenails down about a certain defenseman...

And with that, I 'm on my way back out for the evening, but checking in on the Broons and Cats when possible. I haven't missed too many games, but it's important stuff.

In my absence, enjoy mixing it up a bit on this here Open Thread.

Anderson starts in net, and Tarnasky remains in the lineup. Go Cats.