Florida Panthers: Atrocious Maximus


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Florida Panthers
@ Philadelphia Flyers

Thursday, Mar 26, 2009, 7:05 PM EDT
Wachovia Center

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This will be a dual-deal, meaning Sabres post game/Flyers pregame will be wrapped into one all-inclusive post. I'm already inflamed over being shut down at work. Perhaps a few hours away, at home, will cure my ills?

Nah...ya know what? The "game" in Buffalo doesn't deserve a Panthers post..Why? Thanks for asking. I'll tell you.

Imagine this being read from on high, a mountaintop:

They stink. No cohesion. No "team". Can they score? Yes. When they need to? No. Take a lead? Certainly. When they need to? Meh.

It's gone, no matter the period or situation. Power play awarded at a significant moment? Pointless, cuz they won't score. Toronto has 42 years of loserdom behind them...and it's not the fans' fault. But they go to the games through thick and thin. Sunrise doesn't have that option.

Florida? Nine post-season-less years and counting. Out of sixteen.

Don't get me wrong; I'll be on top of it, dusting this colossal loss from the history hole come tomorrow afternoon. What else can a fan do?

We. Are. So. Close. Pleeeeease Pete...oh whatever. If it hasn't gotten through yet, it's not happening.

We're begging you, coach Pete, deliver us...we know you're doing everything in your power, utilizing the last tricks in your magical bag, doing all that is feasible. You were put in a tragically difficult spot, by choice. A lot of tough words will be thrown about if your Cats fail to make the playoffs. Perhaps it wasn't all fair to you: we fans got spoiled - thanks to your efforts - rather quickly. But we're nothing if not patient.

No one south of the Mason Dixon line expected a post-season berth going into this year for the Panthers. Include me. Next year, however, we're demanding a second-round spot. Sorry, but Bruce Boudreau ruined it for ya.

Looking for a summary of Wednesday's game? Here goes: The Cats stopped playing at the ten-minute mark of the third period.

You can imagine the rest.