Panthers vs. Bruins: Three Questions with Stanley Cup of Chowder

Stanley Cup of Chowder is SB Nation's hub for Broons hockey coverage. Chowda blogger Cornelius Hardenbergh was kind enough to answer some questions for us before tonight's main event.

A resurgent Boston Bruins squad has arrived in Sunrise for a prime time match-up with our Florida Panthers. Both teams seem to have found a groove, despite Boston's poor start and the Panthers recent injury woes. With that in mind, and a likely split crowd at the BB&T tonight, we checked in for three questions with Cornelius.

Coach Claude Julien entered the season like a slightly injured gazelle being eyed by lions. After an 0-3-1 start at home the daggers were out and the lions were circling. Has the fantastic road trip settled talk of Julien's demise down in New England?

Claude Julien is still a good coach, but everyone knows that he's sort of been kept on to eventually be fired. As long as he doesn't go all Al Golden on us, he's probably here for at least another little while. If he loses too many in a row, though, we're definitely wondering which of Cam Neely's buddies is going to coach the team with one defenseman into the ground for the rest of the season. I hear Auston Matthews is good, though...

The Panthers and Bruins swapped Jimmy Hayes for Reilly Smith during the off-season. Smith went from the unexpected darling of the Tyler Seguin deal to "glad to see him go" for many a Bruins fan. The sample size is small, but how are Boston fans feeling about the return of homegrown Hayes so far?

Jimmy Hayes scored a goal last game, and he went to a children's hospital in a costume since. Therefore, current Jimmy Hayes status is: GOOD DOT BOY DOIN GOOD THINGS IN THE LEAGUE LOVE THAT ATTA BOY JIMMY!

Tuukka Rask's early season troubles have been a point of major concern. Is this just a situation where Rask is having a slow start, or were flaws in his game exposed by injuries to the team's top defensemen that have seen him average 30 shots against per game?

Rask is in a slump, but since this question was sent to me he did post a shutout in our first home win. It's tough to look good when you've got Adam McQuaid in front of you. I feel bad, as Rask basically has to be perfect or he's trash.

As an ex-Southern New Englander, and proud Husky/Whaler, I would be remiss if I did not squeeze another question in for Cornelius:

as an extra- as a Connecticut native and former Hartford Whalers fan, do you miss the green and blue down I-84?

Hartford now has the Whale again, in the form of an NWHL team. They're currently the only other team from Boston in the NWHL without a loss. They don't play until late next month, which should be a good showdown. People interested in that should check out our Women's Hockey section:

Much credit for taking the high road there- as both Donny and I could have easily expected an answer along the lines of "yeah we miss it so we could finally get tickets to a Bruins game and take over your building!"

A big LBC thanks to Cornelius, and while we can't wish him any luck- as the Bruins are going to compete all season for OUR playoff spot, we do wish them an entertaining season, and always welcome the folks from Boston to South Florida for fun, sun, and hockey! Check out Stanley Cup of Chowder for more Cats- B's pregame and give Mr. Hardenbergh a follow on twitter at @HBAdventure.