Florida Panthers Draft Party a Hit


NOTE: Panthers Draft Summary coming up this evening, along with that small-time forgotten trade dealio from earlier...
Before hitting all the BIG TOPICS of the past twenty-four hours (and thanks for your patience...had to actually work today), I wanted to thank the Panthers for organizing the Draft Party held at the Hartford Carolina Draft House in Weston, FL.
It was a smashing success featuring a packed house and no lack of excitement building up to the moment Sexton's Army approached the stage in Mon-tray-all. Never seen a larger group of Panther fans in one place outside of BankAtlantic Center, and pride beamed from everyone in attendance. Corny as it may sound, that's how it was.
There was a sense of realistic hope in eyes around the room. Refreshing. Anyway, a terrific time with good friends.
Got any pics you want to share? We'd love to see them; post 'em up in the comments below.