Florida Panthers Draft Party Extravaganza: now in stereo

The Panthers have expanded upon the annual fest which is the Draft Party: dual-location goodness for Cat fans from the Treasure Coast down to Florida City and parts west.

Duffy's Sports Grill has buddied up with our favorite Sunrise attraction to provide the huddled masses a second spot to cheer on Dale's troops Friday evening. Seeing as the Draft is the only final Big Event of the summer beside UFA Day, we'll go ahead and pimp 'em up:

Duffy's - Ft. Lauderdale

1804 Cordova Road, 33416


Duffy's - North Palm Beach

11588 U.S. 1, 33408


Randy Moller will be present for the Lauderdale gig, while Bill Lindsey holds fort up north. If time permits, special guest appearances may include Chris Wells, Mike Keenan, and Uwe Krupp. Cross your fingers.

Of course they add the North Palm deal just months after I moved out of that town; my own dumb luck. No matter: we'll be at Cordova Road for the evening, snapping photos and sampling appetizers. Our Entry Draft Open Thread of Doom will go live right here around 5-ish, so don't fret if you're unable to attend the parties in person.

So join us in any case, and we're really looking forward to attaching some faces to familiar names.

Plans for Friday's Entry Draft?

Going to Duffy's - Ft. Lauderdale17
Going to Duffy's - North Palm Beach7
Watching from home/other31
What's a "draft"?1