Florida Panthers: Eastern Conference Combat - Monday


The Cats certainly gave us something to wake up for after the first period yesterday, but the roof was bound to give in at some point. Plug the hole and move on to the Devils. Can you guess what area of Florida's game may have been practiced until vomit covered the ice today? Hint: it probably wasn't the penalty kill.


Please note: I've attempted to contact SBN so an Easter Conference (and Western Conference) standings "widget" may be included. Been struggling trying to make one, and copy-and-paste just isn't working as I'd like it to. If anyone has a suggestion until such time please contact me. Otherwise, here's the link to NHL.com's Eastern standings (which does not include the final results for the Pittsburgh/Islanders game).


One match has already wrapped. The effects of it, and the rest of tonight's games in regard to the Panthers:

  • With a 3-2 shootout loss to the Isles, the Penguins pick up a much-important point, for a total of 60 in 58 games. The Dan Bylsma era kicks off in neutral fashion. If this guy has an inspirational side, he'll need every inch of it.


Only one game of interest to Florida (7th spot, 64 points) fans this evening:

  • NY Rangers (6th spot, 66 points) @ St. Louis, 7p. Now that Michel Thierrien is out, the hounds have begun circling Rangers' coach Tom Renney. W4E say: New York is not quite in death-throes yet, but short of a miracle pump-up by their five-year coach, the sinking ship that is the Rangers (3-5-2 last 10) will most likely continue to slide beneath the waves. The Blues are cooked for the postseason after making it interesting for the first eight weeks of the year, but would like nothing more than to embarrass their opponent tonight. New York is in for a fight the rest of the way, probably against themselves.