On the Prowl: Panthers Wednesday Links & Open Thread

Welcome to On the Prowl, a collection of links from the LBC staff published each Wednesday and Sunday to stories pertaining to the Florida Panthers, their affiliates, and the National Hockey League. Have at it after the jump...

LBC Notes:

The whole bunch of us have been remarkably busy with work, school, etc. over the past couple of weeks  - hence a somewhat abbreviated Link-o-Rama today - but if you're forced into an unintentional sabbatical from hockey, what better time than August?

Now that we're staring directly at Rookie Camp (in 10 days!), the season has just become that much more focused. To claim it's been a long summer is a gross understatement, and we're as nuts to get rolling with actual game talk as are all of you; one can only dissect a lousy power play, break down free agent signings, and sing endless praises to Tallon, Inc. in so many hundreds of different ways before hitting a red brick wall. A hearty welcome to our new bestest buddy: September.

That said, we'll give everyone a break and simply ask those of you new to Planet LBC to check out our Opening Night event at the BankAtlantic Center while riding out the last hours of 2011's final puckless month. - DR

Panthers and Affiliates News:

The NHL and Beyond: