Florida Panthers: "Major partnership announcement" on Friday


On the heels of last weekend's rumored re-structuring of the Cats' ownership pyramid, the Panthers have scheduled noon Friday for Something Really Big in regard to their managing partners (of which Alan Cohen currently is the pinnacle).

The initial press conference - evidently open to the public -  will be held in front of the BankAtlantic Center, followed by a free concert from Cobra Starship (Grace Slick, sadly, has not yet committed). Okaaay.

From the Official Site:

(This) will feature President & COO Michael Yormark, Head Coach Pete DeBoer and other luminaries. In addition, photo opportunities will be available with the attendees, as well as the Panthers IceDancers (and) Stanley C. Panther...

Got to hand it to the Cats: they do make it interesting. Open pressers? Concerts? "Other luminaries"? This has all the trappings of a Don King fight promotion. Come to think of it...

In a dark way, this all reminds me a bit of a scene from the awesome Used Cars, when evil and corrupt Roy L. Fuchs arranges for a circus at his auto dealership, in an attempt to promote a softer face in the community. Roy's classic line, betraying his public intentions: "I just hope that camel doesn't s*** all over my lot."

Don't know why that seems relevent.

Anyhoo, if you're free on Friday afternoon, there's always that. Any guesses on what direction this will take?