The Florida Panthers need a new Third Jersey

Cats brass needs to churn out a new alternate to quell the masses

The Florida Panthers have avoided having an alternate uniform since rebranding in 2016. That has had many Cats fans clamoring for a new third jersey. The Panthers have had ample opportunity to introduce a new uniform with Adidas firmly entrenched as the NHL’s official uniform provider and missed a chance by not doing anything different during their 25th anniversary season.

For many people it doesn’t matter what the team wears but if that was the case then why do the myriad of sports teams in the world take upwards of years when introducing new logos, colors, or uniforms? Because it DOES matter. And it does matter that the Panthers introduce a third jersey and their upcoming All-Star hosting season in 2021 is another grand opportunity to do so.

Before we talk about ideas for a third jersey let’s go back to see the Panthers past alternate uniforms.

Panthers Alternate Jersey History

In 1998, the Panthers introduced a navy alternate uniform in the same style as their home white and road red uniforms. The Cat breaking stick alternate logo was used as the crest to give the navy blue a slightly different look.

In 2003, the Panthers flipped the red and navy uniforms with the red uniform now featuring the Cat breaking stick logo.

In 2007, the alternate uniform was retired and the Panthers did not create a new one until 2009. This one featured a completely different look than the Panthers branding was up to that point. Read more about what we thought of it here.

The Panthers retired their last alternate jersey in 2012. It has now been almost 8 years since then and a full rebranding with nigh an alternate jersey in sight.

So, if the Panthers were to do a third jersey what could it look like? What elements could the Cats use and is it possible to take the Panthers to the extreme with success?

Alternate Jersey Ideas

The Panthers have quite a stable of logos to work with.

The obvious scenario would be the new Leaping Cat as the crest along with the return of the Stick and Tree as the shoulder logo. Several concepts can be found on the internet of fans with this idea in mind.

Most people believe a “fauxback” design akin to the 1993-2007 style of Cats uniforms is probably the safe bet. But not me. I have shown in the past that I’d like for the Panthers to do something different than other NHL teams. The NHL has fairly conservative uniform designs across the board and don’t tend to push the boundaries outside of the All-Star Games and Stadium Series.

The Panthers (despite being stuck in a sleepy Broward suburb on the edge of the Everglades) still play for a vibrant South Florida community and I believe their uniforms should reflect that. It does not necessarily have to be this design or these colors (as they are a carbon copy of the NBA’s Miami Heat Vice set of uniforms) but you get the idea.

The final idea would just be a modern throwback uniform akin to what the Arizona Coyotes have done in bringing back their “Kachina” uniform.

Why does any of this matter?

Because fans like seeing their teams in new threads every once in a while. If that was not the case then alternate uniforms would not even exist. Very few franchises in sports can be so iconic that they avoid alternate jerseys (New York Yankees, Montreal Canadiens) but even the most iconic can change it up now and then.

Also many Panthers fans are still salty about the current look of the Panthers, so giving them an alternate can calm them down by giving them something new they may just like.

So what do you think the Panthers should do for a third jersey design in the future? Please vote in the poll and comment below with your ideas or post some that you have created or seen elsewhere.

What should the Panthers do for a third jersey?

A fauxback design25
Something out of left field29
Just wear the original 90s red uniform21
They don’t need a third jersey11
The current shield design only in navy10