Panthers new Reverse Retro jersey revealed

ESPN ranks it Number One in review

The Florida Panthers new Reverse Retro jersey has hit the internet and it’s pretty damn nice!

ESPN has it ranked number one among the 32 new sweaters that debuted today, saying this:

What a concept: It’s only taken nearly 30 years, but a team that plays in South Florida finally has a jersey that’s evocative of South Florida.

This is a mix of the team’s stick-and-palm secondary logo that’s been with it since the 1990s and the light blue from the third jerseys it rocked in 2009. The rays of the sun are slightly raised to give the crest a 3D quality. The colors on the stripes pay homage to the Panthers’ current primary colors. The rest feels like you’re staring at a frozen blue Hawaiian through a pair of expensive sunglasses.

Sure, seeing the alternate logo makes one realize how close that hockey stick looks to a golf putter... but that’s also kind of thematic to the franchise, if we’re being honest.

The Jersey will be available on November 15.

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