Report: Panthers to redesign uniforms, logos

And it's about time.

Not a lot to go on here as far as concrete details but the Miami Herald's George Richards says to expect the Florida Panthers to be adopting a very different style on the ice - fashionably-speaking - next season:

"The Panthers will have new jerseys replete with a new logo as well as a possible new color scheme. I was told the team's traditional red-gold-blue colors will be similar, but that's pretty vague. As far as the Florida look goes, the team hasn't had much change since joining the league as an expansion team in 1993. As it has been explained to me, expect a horizontal logo (like the Blackhawks, although perhaps in a circle crest) on a horizontal striped sweater (like the Canadiens). The alternate palm tree/hockey stick logo will likely be lost in the transition."

(Check out Florida's uniforms through the years here)

And that's about it. George being George, we can take this so-far unofficial news to the bank. And honestly it's not very surprising. I read several years ago - somewhere - that changing a uniform is generally a two-year process between a team (and the contracted designer), the league, and the eventual manufacturer. Go back 24 months and you'll find yourself at a spot only 12 weeks or so removed from the Viola/Cifu team purchasing the franchise. So the timeline is about right. And pretty interesting that word was leaked less than a day after the successful Broward County Commission vote.

It makes sense: new ownership/management, new attitude. Old logo, old attitude. And that old attitude - i.e. the logo - doesn't speak to a bright future. For old-timers such as myself, it represents two polar opposites: the thrill of the first three seasons contrasting with utter ineptitude afterward. My own two cents.

Some highlights from Richards' second bring-down-the-internet day in a 24 hour span:

So change is coming, and not a moment too soon. What say you?

Though we have no idea what the outcome will be, the prospect of new garb is...

Great! A new day in Sunrise!97
Okay; we'll see.74
Sacrilege. How dare they mess with MY Cat?85