LBC's 2014 Florida Panthers / NHL Free Agency Day One Open Thread

Latest "UFA DAY" largely predicted to be on the bland side, but one never knows when or where Tallon, Inc. may strike.


And we're open! Thanks for joining the Litter Box Cats crew as we embark on our 6th annual NHL Free Agency open forum, featuring five or so hours of caffeine-induced paranoia and tens of thousands of Twitter reloads.

As always feel free to post rumors but please source them in order to cut back on inevitable "Where'd you hear that" followups. Our man Francisco is scheduled to be covering today's festivities from inside the BB&T Center around noon, so stay tuned for his updates (@FJOJR). Everything you'll need to play along throughout the day can be found below, so let's jump right in.


On the Tweets:


Florida's current unrestricted free agents (entire organization is found here via CapGeek):



Updated as they roll in (Florida only)...