Almost here: 2014 NHL Free Agency looms large; Florida Panthers expected to be major player

And we'll be on top of all of it.


As is customary 'round these here parts, Litter Box Cats will be hosting our sixth annual Free Agency Open Thread Tuesday at 10 a.m. The actual league start time for signing begins at noon, but no reason not to begin the festivities - however they ultimately play out - a bit early.

We'll have all hands on deck in varying capacities, including coverage from within the BB&T Center, as deals, and non-deals, go down. More on that in the a.m.

Everyone here is as stoked as you are heading into perhaps the most pivotal few hours in team history (that is indeed simplifying the situation but anything less than a "win now" mentality ain't gonna cut it down the road). No need to recap the lack of true game-breakers available this summer, but the Panthers aren't in that market right now anyhow. Yet. Could be there in November. Or December. Hopefully not late-April. We'll see.

Anyway, enjoy the last few hours of what is reportedly the end of cap-floor roster management in Sunrise.