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Breaking Down the New Duds: Part 3, the Script

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Typefaces are special. Many iconic brands have a certain typeface (or font for the layman) that people associate with them.

The famous Walt Disney font

In the NHL, script logos are not all that important when it comes to a uniform, however, it is important for marketing and brand recognition. The Panthers have had script logos in the past, but they have not used them very often in the past few years. Florida’s new script will likely see plenty of use as its own typeface for promotional materials on and offline.

The New Cats Script


The script says “FLORIDA PANTHERS” in a stylized block font created just for the team with a stripe underlining the text. The script will have a different color scheme depending on the background color.

The Panthers will not be using this script on their uniforms. Often a NHL team script appears on the the helmets. The Cats have used script logos on their helmets before.

The Panthers script appeared on the helmets from 1993-1998.cats script 2007

The script returned to the helmets from 2007-2011

The script is arched. The Panthers have never used an arched script before but they have used arched name plates for their uniforms for a time in the early 2000s.

The script has already seen use as the Panthers font that the team can be identified by as shown in this photo from the team’s re-brand ceremony.

Panthers script appearing on the LED ribbon boards at the BB&T Center.

Many may not find the fact the team has its own script a big deal, but I think it adds another touch to unify the Panthers identity. One only needs to look at the Panthers former arena-mates in the Miami Heat to know how much a unique script can help imprint an identity among the masses.


The new script strays away from the previous style the Panthers have had since 1993. The font is different and the script is devoid of a panther above it. The previous Panthers scripts have been used sans panther on the team helmets and on marketing material. The underline has carried over from the last version of the team script. Also notable is the fact that “PANTHERS” does not appear in navy blue in any of the color schemes of the new team script.

Final Take

The Panthers now have a clean and flexible script for use on just about anything. As the team begins its work in promoting its new brand, people will begin to connect with the identity and know something belongs to the Florida Panthers when they see it.

Up next is the moment you all have been waiting for. I break down the Panthers’ new primary logo, the Panther Shield.