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On The Prowl: GIFs of the Week 10/27 – 11/2

Hi everyone! This is a new feature we’re probably going to be running on Mondays instead of the link-based On the Prowl. To me, it just seemed like there were too many times that a link had become outdated, or you guys had already seen them on other sites. That just led to wasted time and effort, so we’ll be dropping more links into the FanShots and giving you guys some weekly happy feelings as we re-watch the best Panther moments of the week in GIF format. Cheers!

There were only two games played this week, meaning we don’t quite have a full range of tilts to pull moments from, but the ones we can pull are pretty awesome!

Panthers vs. Coyotes, 10/30/14

Hey look! A power-play goal! Assisted by Erik Gudbranson of all people.

Dear NHL Department of Player Safety: I don’t understand how this isn’t a vicious hit. You can clearly see Keith Yandle throw his elbow outward at the end of the hit, and it’s obvious that the principle point of contact is Brandon Pirri‘s head, as his helmet goes flying off. I am thoroughly confused as to the lack of discipline issued out on this hit. Signed – A Panther Fan who is sick of poor officiating.

How? Even? Penalty? What? Where? I don’t see a penalty?

Oh, revenge is so sweet. Thank you, referees, for putting Scottie Upshall in the box. This was quite the amazing goal to watch, and us down in here in Pantherland really do appreciate it.

Panthers vs. Flyers, 11/1/14

I’ll take them any way they come at this point in the season. I officially have no idea how that one slipped through everyone, but a goal is a goal.

Grimaldi! To Robak! Across to Trocheck who SCOOOORR… Wait, how did he not put that one in?

Sorry Claude Giroux, but Roberto Luongo is on top of his game right now. And I know for a fact that your helmet is not at fault for that puck not going in, so I think you owe it an apology.

Wow. What a shot. I’ve watched this about 20 times now, and that group hug at the end never gets old. This team is really starting to bond, and it’s going to be awesome to see where they go this season.

Does anyone else remember the last time the Panthers had back-to-back home wins? Things are really starting to look up in Sunrise.