Monday Caterwaul: Florida Panthers Open Forum

Wherein we make stuff up.

To pass these dreary summer slow-news no-news days, we'll be employing a few more Caterwauls in the coming weeks, and you know what that means: the soapbox is yours. Anything related to hockey in general and the Panthers in particular. Have a link or opinion you wish to share? A discussion you'd like to kickstart? This be the spot.

We'll shove off with a poll...

Single Game Ticket sales began last week. Your current status:

Have purchased Single Game Tix2
Have purchased Season Tix (any plan)32
Neither as yet but plan to in near future28
Day-of-game only24
No plans to attend in 2014-15 (distance, work schedule, economics, etc.)24
No plans to attend in 2014-15 (anger, spite, indifference, etc.)8