Caterwaul: Florida Panthers Open Forum

Yep, August 'Waul.

Not much news burning up the wires regarding the Panthers in recent days, so now may be as good a time as any to throw back the curtain and allow for some open chatter. Anything on the Cats, NHL, Olympic pucks, schedules, the Rampage, whatever.

I'll light the fuse by tossing out confirmation of former Florida head coach/general manager/BFF to Olli Jokinen Jacques Martin signing on as an assistant to Dan Bylsma with the Penguins. Guessing on a rather quick shelf-life here; when Pittsburgh is once again handed an early exit from the postseason - say, spring of 2014 - the entire coaching staff will be escorted off stage (and don't bother ladling out the tired "but look what Dan has done each year in light of injuries" party line; going to sound awfully cliche come mid-May). My two cents.

I'm very pleased to announce LBC contributor Kevin Kraczkowski is back in North America after his most recent tour of duty in some pretty dicey areas of the world. A mammoth thanks for your service, Kev.

Have a fun and safe weekend, all :)