Florida Panthers retain 11th selection in 2015 NHL Entry Draft

Oilers win lottery, take first-overall pick in Sunrise

Well that was dramatic.

The Edmonton Oilers - renowned for their decade-long rebuild that has yet to produce anything tangible regarding future success - won the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery Saturday, meaning another major talent (this one of the concensus "generational" variety) will be biding his time until free agency.

All-World everything forward Connor McDavid looked somewhat, um, stoic when the Edmonton result was revealed, while the hockey universe either laughed or cried at the outcome. I, for one, am laughing but not in the trolling sense. McDavid will soon find himself on an Oilers team far removed from the halcyon days of the late 70s and early 80s, when top-end talent simply magically arrived, as if by default. Four top picks in six years should demand a rapid turnaround, especially given Connor's resume, and that story has yet to play out. But given the stumbling, bumbling decisions by those at the top in Rexall Place's finer offices, the Oilers have a long road ahead.

That said - and it's all just commentary - perhaps Edmonton's management will finally see what they have to work with, and do what they must to surround those pieces with proper supporting players. It's no secret the Oilers aren't - for the moment - a prime destination, coveted by free agents. This may change, and I hope it does because an NHL without Edmonton is unthinkable.

Any case, Florida held on to the 11th selection. It's a deep draft, many say, so with any luck the Panthers will secure a solid player at whichever position they deem in need of attention.

Can't help but think the Panthers go for the throat in June, during a draft which will be held in Sunrise. Home turf, ability to project power, and make a splash at the BB&T. What to give up for a Jack Eichel? Got me, but man would that make for a wild moment in Sunrise.

What say you?