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Florida Panthers retain look for 2017-18 season

On June 20, 2017 the NHL world was treated to the unveiling of Adidas’ new ADIZERO uniforms which will replace Reebok’s EDGE as the official on-ice gear for the 31 teams and their players. However, for the Florida Panthers and their fans there is little to no change of the uniform.

The Cats striping, logos, and colors have remained the same, but the change to the ADIZERO brings with it some minor differences.

The Cats’ unique font stays, but the numbers are perforated with little holes as seen here. The Adidas logo replaces the Reebok logo at the top of the jersey’s back.

The front of the jersey has seen some reworking. The Panthers’ unique Florida flag-inspired lacing returns but it sits in front of the NHL Shield logo which now lies on top of a pentagon shape where the Reebok design was a triangular flap. The crest is reported to be slightly bigger than it was last year. Other than that the overall look remains the same.

More things of note from the ADIZERO in general is that the jersey will be lighter. The Panthers’ shield logo will be up to 46% lighter while the jersey numbers are 60% lighter for a total of up to 19% lighter sweaters. One can only hope that all that fur shed will help the Cats play a speedier game of hockey.

The Adidas design is said to make players cooler as well.

Other teams have either remained pat like Florida or have completely redesigned their uniforms. Adidas has not revealed the white road uniforms for everyone yet. Alternate uniform designs will not be present for at least the first season across the NHL, so Panthers fans may have to wait a bit longer for 1993-2007 throwback uniforms or an alternate with the new Leaping Cat.

Oh and say hello to the Vegas Golden Knights.

What do you think of Adidas’ NHL makeover?

Looks great, really takes the EDGE off 15
I prefer to be on EDGE 7
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