Florida Panthers Season in Review: An Introduction

Now that the season is over and the numbers are in, the team here at LBC will be looking at players. coaches and game aspects as we review the 2014-2015 campaign.

Though the NHL season ended a long while ago, Ryan Stimson just now released all of the passing data that me and several other trackers had been collecting throughout the season.

What that means is that I now have all the information available to use when making detailed assessments of players, and with that in mind, we'll be moving forward with reviewing Florida Panthers player performance throughout the year.

We'll start with a review of the team as a whole, with the coaches and new system under scrutiny before we move onto the players.

With the players, we're going to try and keep the format in a way that pleases everyone, and as such, each review will be split into three sections: an "Eye Test" section, where one member of the Litter Box Cats staff will breakdown how the player looked throughout the season, a "Statistical Breakdown" section, where all of the Corsi/Fenwick/SAT% statistics will reside, and a final "Conclusion", where a statement will be made about what should be done with the player for next season (i.e. re-signed, let go, traded, put on the first line, etc.).

This way, those who aren't fans of the numbers can skip over that section, and just read the Eye Test portion, while those who do enjoy all of the #fancystats can get those as well.

We'll start rolling these out pretty soon, so be sure to check back in with LBC in order to catch all of them.