Florida Panthers : The Litter Box 2009-10 Schedule Breakdown


Here's the link to the entire season, but we'll cover a few of the more interesting aspects in this rundown. A side note: FSN has not announced their television lineup as yet. Ya know, high school football from Kissimmee being the ratings hammer that it is...

As always, The Herald's On Frozen Pond and The Sentinel's Panthers Blog (Steve: site needs a name, slick!) offer up their usual excellence, which is worth a peek.

From a league standpoint, From The Rink's Mirtle and Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy take a somewhat broader look at the days to come.

The three-headed monster of DeSexMark comments on the official site as well.
More after the Super Bass-O-Matic '76 Jump of Daytimer Fury...and be warned: this is a Tanguay-Free zone.

  • 10/02/09:  Florida plays visitor to the Blackhawks in Helsinki. CLG_74 makes W4E look the fool yet again. "17 Minutes", anyone?
  • 10/03/09:  Panthers grab the dark unis for tail end of "home-and-home" with Chicago in Finland. Koistinen Fever gains traction.
  • 10/09/09:  Hurricanes host Cats in first game back on North American soil. Hoping for a better result than last year's "first game".
  • 10/10/09:  Technical Home Opener in Sunrise, taking on Jacques Lemaire's Devils. Anyone in western Virginia have Center Ice? My brother's getting married. On this day. DpD...gonna need ya for this one.
  • 10/16/09:  The Chris Pronger lovefest rolls into South Florida. Panthers better be wearing extra protection. Everywhere.
  • 10/23/09:  Stanley Cup champion Penguins open the ancient Igloo doors to Cats. Wanna bet Jeff Taffe is in the Cats' lineup?
  • 10/30/09:  Panthers travel to Dallas, find old friend Karlis Skrastins playing Sergei Zubov Fantasy Camp.
  • 11/06/09:  First visit by Washington Capitals. Local Segway rental shops already gearing up.
  • 11/14/09:  NHL Number One overall pick John Tavares probably makes first appearance at the BAC with Islanders.
  • 11/20/09:  Stanley Cup losers runners-up Detroit hosts Panthers.
  • 11/23/09:  Penguins visit Sunrise. Re-hash Jeff Taffe comment from above.
  • 11/25/09:  The Bionic Groin of Marian Gaborik - and his Rangers - head to Broward. Always a treat.
  • 11/27/09:  Leafs at BankAtlantic! Ditto above.
  • 12/02/09:  Craig Anderson returns to South Florida with his Avs; hopefully he's sewn up the starter's position.  A serious round of applause for this guy, okay? He represented. A class act all the way.
  • 12/05/09:  Say hi to Rick Dudley, Anthony Stewart, and Noah Welch.
  • 12/07/09:  Sheldon Souray??? On December Seventh??? Blasphemy!
  • 12/31/09:  No interest in this home game on the final night of the calendar year.
  • 01/16/10:  First visit by 2009 second overall draft pick Victor Erik Olof Hedman. Could use some size...
  • 02/05/10:  My birthday! Oh, and the Flames are in town.
  • 02/11/10:  Are we quite done with this yet? Panther fans still have a team. The guy who traded this dood does not. Game over.
  • 02/14/09:  St. Valentine's Day signifies the beginning of the Olympic break. Snooze. Unless Jeremy Roenick decides to play house mother at the Olympic Village.
  • 04/10/10:  Final road game. In Tampa Bay. Can't begin to predict this one.
  • 04/11/10:  Final home game. In Sunrise. Against Tampa Bay. Forget who may be coaching the Bolts at that point...who'll be owning the Bolts?/

Which game are you looking forward to?