For an extra $100 you can carry their sticks through Customs

Got dos grande burning through your jorts? Can you spare four days at summer's end? Is framing your customized Branislav Mezei jersey simply not enough excitement to carry over through training camp?

The Cats have a deal for you: See them in Helsinki for the opening of the 2009-10 season.

Kinda trumps crossing the 'Alley over to the St. Pete Times Forum, eh?

A nice gesture by the organization, even if it only ultimately serves to pad the coffers of a local travel agency. Nah, I shouldn't bad mouth this; it really is a decent package, though airfare and "personal products" (condoms?) are not included. Tough times, and all.


...if the Panthers really wanna go Grand, how about shipping a couple of long-time season ticket holders over, free of charge? Ya know, for the effort?