Friday Caterwaul: Panthers Open Forum

Found a few entertaining snippets from around the web concerning Thursday's victory over capped-out Calgary:

Peter DeBoer's Panthers were fast, industrious and committed. The Flames, meanwhile, displayed all the quickness of ancient Abe ("Ooooh, dat hoit ...") Vigoda being sacked at the end the Betty White Snickers commercial.

George Johnson, Calgary Herald

The Panthers, who led 2-0 on a pair of first-period goals -- three minutes apart -- from Radek Dvorak, outworked their counterparts from start to finish. Rarely were they pushed back.

Scott Cruikshank, Montreal Gazette

A young, fast-skating, creative group of Panthers were everything that the Flames aren't early in the 2010-11 season. It was boys against men, and it wasn't close. The boys won 3-0.

Mark Spector, Sportsnet
Have at it.