Guess The 2011 First Round: Post Your Own Mock

For Dale Tallon and his band of scouts, it's the 11th hour; months of tireless work, trips to the far reaches of the globe, keeping their eyes on the numbers etched into the backs of young men, chattering a weird language ony spoken by men in hockey rinks, all comes down to this moment. Just like Dale and company many of you jave thought about this draft for what seems like forever. You've studied up all of the players, considered other team needs, strategies, and even cap situation, and believe you have a fairly good grasp as to how things fall into place. It's time to put all that hard work to to the test. More after the jump...

The Challenge: Guess the 2011 First Round

How it works: Simply guess who you think will be drafted from picks 1 to 30; the person who most accuratley guesses the draft will be crowned the LBC Guessing Champion (this is just for fun).

Your entry (to be posted in the comments section) will be scored simply by matching the draft pick with the player. For every correct guess your entry will earn 1 point, you will also earn an additional 3 points if you correctly guess whom the Panthers draft in your pick (if you put, 3 - Landeskog and the Cats draft Landeskog at the 3rd spot, that's 4 points!).

Even if you don't have a firm grasp on the draft and the players in it, take a few guesses, look at some of the "professionals" mocks and have some Draft Day fun and take part after the jump.

For your research and viewing pleasure, here are a few links to some of the more prestige Mock Drafts in the Hockey world.

2011 NHL on TSN Mock Draft Expert Mock Draft (there are 4 entries here)

2011 SBNation Mock Draft

Good luck everyone, and I can't wait to see your amazing guessing skills.