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Hockey’s Future: How’d Florida do at the ’04 draft?


Comments and concerns regarding your opinion of the Cats’ 2004 Entry Draft perfomance may be forwarded to the guy on the far left. He’s available.

HF‘s Ian Bross breaks down what in retrospect is not one of Florida’s finer moments at the draft table – with one exception among the picks who has clearly separated himself from the rest (and it ain’t the guy above).

And let’s be honest…barring biblical intervention, David Shantz can be safely summarized as a “bust”, IMO:

Oh well.

That’s four “busts” out of seven picks, with two “NHL players” and one (true) “prospect”. Way to go, Mike.

Check it out at this here link then come on back for a poll.

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Goaltender David Shantz: Career minor-leaguer?

Yes…can’t get it done, even at the AHL level 20
No…a tough position to master requires a bit more patience 1

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