Injuries catch up to Cats, downed 4-0 by Boston


Not good. Not good at all. The Panthers played a few competitive stretches here and there - the effort was visible, at least after the first period - but the Bruins are as strong as any club in the league, and it showed in 3-D.

Cats' goalie Anderson went helmet-on-helmet with Boston's Patrice Bergeron in the third - a three-goal lead had already been assembled - forcing the netminder to turn the reigns over to Tomas Vokoun...who promptly allowed the fourth goal. No matter. This one was over long before.

Can it finally be said the Panthers have run out of gas? The loss of Horton, Booth, Stillman, Allen, etc. has perhaps taken its toll? Pray for health, Florida fans. And pray often.

Kudos to the Bruins and their management for constructing a seriously bad ass team.