Is this thing on?


The Box's Whale4ever is number two in line for the gate at a busy Ft. Lauderdale International Airport following a terrific trip to Washington, DC.

Been a long but fantastic few days away with the family up north. Saw the newly renovated Smithsonian Museum of American History, along with a tweaked National Air and Space Museum (on the Mall), as well as finally getting into Mount Vernon, the home of some dude named George. Haven't done this much walking since Selma. Phenomenal stuff.

Of course, a visit to another hockey hockey town requires the obligatory game, and this was no exception. My brother Scott was kind enough to pick up two seats to last Friday's Caps/Sabres affair. Full house, noisy, climbed lots of steps, etc. Oh, and the game turned out to be memorable for one 8-second span:

It was every bit the incredible goal it appears to be, and more so having seen it live.

Another highlight of the evening was meeting up with SBNation's J.P. of the wonderful Capitals blog Japer's Rink, his buddies Tyler and Ken, and Greg something-or-other from Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy. These guys know hockey, and it was a unique education and pleasure to be welcomed to the table. Much thanks to all of you, and the invitation is permanently open for a visit to Sunrise.

To paraphrase Bubba Banjo: "This didn't stink!"

Got some pictures from the game which I'm waiting for, and will display them upon arrival.

I also wish to thank DolPhanDave - who's probably still asleep at this hour, thanks to his namesake's victory on Sunday - for the great work he's put into the FanPosts over the weekend. All are worth a read.

Gonna get my thoughts straight, digest the numbers from the Panthers last two, um, contests, and jump right in with a preview of tonight's hosting of Montreal.