LBC Quick-Poll: Your day with the Stanley Cup

Essentially chumming some shark-free summer water here, but after having been blessed with a fantastic Saturday evening in the presence of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Craig Campbell and Phil Pritchard (for you newbs, these are the guys that actually hand off – on the ice - the Stanley Cup to commissioner Gary Bettman before awarding the now-119 year old trophy each spring; appearance courtesy of the NHL Booster Club and host chapter Florida), I got around to thinking about what you folks might do given a day – as all Cup winners are granted – with arguably the most treasured of prizes in professional sports.

We’ll have pictures and further coverage of the NHL Booster Club’s annual gala dinner – held this year in Fort Lauderdale - later this week, but for now…

A day with the Stanley Cup would result in...

...time spent in my hometown19
...time spent in my current town11
...time spent in prison5