That's No Moon: it's the all-new LBC / SB Nation iPhone app


At long last, the SB Nation iPhone app is finally available at the App Store; early reports say it's ridiculously awesome, but we'll await your review. Details after the jump...

Now you can stay on top of the latest Florida Panthers news & commentary from your buds at Litter Box Cats and all 300+ SB Nation blogs from your iPhone. With the SB Nation iPhone app you can:

  • Get the latest Panthers, NHL, and sports news as it happens
  • Customize news with your favorite teams, sports and communities (including Litter Box Cats, which should be front and center on your toolbar anyway, but we digress)
  • Get notified of updates to the stories you choose to follow on LBC,, regional sites, Baseball Nation, and MMA Nation
  • Read and seamlessly reply to comments (a HUGE deal)/
SB Nation iPhone app

How to get it:

Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for "SB Nation"

-- OR --

Go here and click "Download Now"


  1. An Android version of the app is soon to arrive
  2. Comments are - for now - basic read-and-reply, but full-feature access is on the way
  3. You can use your existing SB Nation user name and password to log in to the app

Any questions, feedback, comments? E-mail